After realizing heroin had made a deadly resurgence in recent years, leading to a record number of deaths and overdoses in the Tri-State, a few friends from Clermont County, Ohio came together and formed Harleys Against Heroin in 2014.  Our primary goal is to bring awareness of this epidemic to the community and to support recovery facilities in their mission.  We have also established a special fund at Cincinnati Children's Hospital for babies born addicted to heroin.

Our first fundraising effort, a motorcycle ride, was held in the spring of 2014.  Nearly 100 motorcyclists joined us, and, together, we raised a little over $3,000!  Although we had only 15 volunteers and very little support from the community, we still considered this very successful for our first event.  More importantly, it fueled the fire within us to build on this small success and push on.

Our second ride, held in July 2015, was truly amazing!  We had over 50 volunteers, 76 sponsors from the community and more than 700 bikes join our growing army of supporters!!  By spreading the word through our Facebook page and just beating down doors, we raised over $41,000!!!   All proceeds were divided evenly and donated to Sojourner Recovery, The Gateway House, The First Step Home, and Cincinnati Children's Hospital.

In response to this growing support, we held our first annual spaghetti dinner in December 2015.  Again, our volunteers were on hand to garner community support and helped make this event another success.  We had nearly 250 people attend and we raised a total of $4,100!  

2016 proved to be a very busy year for the Harleys Against Heroin volunteers! We have a passionate, hardworking group that is committed to saving our loved ones from this evil drug.  We held a Car & Bike show in May, the 3rd annual Harleys Against Heroin motorcycle ride in July, and our 2nd annual spaghetti dinner in November.  Through our efforts we were able to donate new mattresses to the Gateway House; a new state-of-the-art computer to Safe Harbor of Hope (to assist with job searches and retrieving information for recovery efforts), as well as much needed items for Children’s Hospital NAS Clinic such as diapers, wipes, bottles, blankets, clothing and pacifiers.   The remaining funds that we raised were presented in three (3) checks each in the amount of $7,350.00 to The Gateway House, Safe Harbor of Hope, and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

2017 with the help of all supporters & sponsors we donated (3) checks in the amount of $6,750 each to The Gateway House, Safe Harbor of Hope, and Mercy Anderson Special Care Nursery.

2018 we donated  (3) checks in the amount of $4,500 each to The Gateway House, Safe Harbor of Hope, and Mercy Anderson Special Care Nursery.

2019 we donated (3) checks in the amount of $5,700 each to The Gateway House, Juliette's Hope, and Mercy Anderson Special Care Nursery.

Only through the concerted efforts of our selfless volunteers, generous local businesses, and caring neighbors like you, will our mission succeed.   

Harleys Against Heroin is a humble, all-volunteer group of everyday people who have ALL been affected by heroin addiction in one way or another.   Please join our army and let’s fight this war against heroin addiction together.


Recovery is possible and help is out there.