After realizing heroin had made a deadly resurgence in recent years, leading to a record number of deaths and overdoses in the Tri-State, a few friends from Clermont County, Ohio came together and formed Harleys Against Heroin in 2014.  Our primary goal is to bring awareness of this epidemic to the community and to support recovery facilities in their mission.  

Every year we hold two major fundraising events.  In August we have our annual motorscycle ride/car show and in November we have a spaghetti dinner.  Each year all proceeds are donated to organizations that are dedicated to helping those fighing addiction.  Recipients of our efforts have included  Anderson Mercy Hospital, Special Care Nursery, The Gateway House, Sojourner Recovery, The First Step Home, Juliette's Hope, Safe Harbor of Hope and Cincinnati Childrens Hospital, just to name a few.


We are very pleased to announce that for 2020 Harleys Against Heroin will be partnering with The Center for Addiction Treatment (CAT).  CAT will receive one third of our funds raised this year.  The money donated will be put into a fund to assist individuals from Clermont County who are ready to go through a detox program but aren’t able to afford it.   The Gateway House and Anderson Mercy Hospital, Special Care Nursey (for babies born addicted to opiates) will be the other two recipients for 2020.  Due to Covid-19 and the social distancing laws we will need to get creative this year with our fundraising efforts.  We have a few things in mind, so please stand by for more updates.   As always, donations to Harleys Against Heroin can made directly from our website or at any US Bank location. We are dedicated to fighting this epidemic and appreciate your continued support. 

Only through the concerted efforts of our selfless volunteers, generous local businesses, and caring neighbors like you, will our mission succeed.   

Harleys Against Heroin is a humble, all-volunteer group of everyday people who have ALL been affected by heroin addiction in one way or another.   Please join our army and let’s fight this war against heroin addiction together.


Recovery is possible and help is out there.