Harleys Against Heroin Spaghetti Dinner

November 12, 2016

“The Devil Inside Me - My Goodbye Letter to Drugs"
By: Samantha S.

 Clean date: April, 22, 2015

The devil inside me, He scratches He knaws

He rips and He tears and He lets out his claws

He thrashes and bashes and tears down the walls

He terrorizes and screams and roams my minds halls

This devil is strong and he may not be red

He's powder, he's liquid, he's inside my head

He's pounding and beating with fists made of lead

He's mad, I tell you and he wants me dead

This devil inside me, He's stealing my soul

Possessing my body and taking His toll

He's the real deal and His shits getting old

I loathe Him and fear Him but He's in control

This devil is selfish and just doesn't care

That He's leading me into a land of despair

I beg and I plead but it gets me nowhere

Cuz He's stronger than me, of that I'm aware

To the devil inside me, I cast you to Hell

Don't ever return, ringing my bell

I thrust you and shove you with all my might

I bite you and scratch you and put up a fight

To the devil inside me, you no longer win

I'm shutting my doors and not letting you in

And when you come knocking, you'll surely see

That you no longer have possession of me!

So devil beside me, stay where you are

Deep, deep in Hells shadows, and extremely far

I've pried your fingers, I've loosened your grip

Stay gone, evil one

It's been one hell of a trip!